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Wildlife Photography Safaris
Private Guided Tours

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Previous 'Indian wildlife special' tour participants waiting for Hornbills. 


If you are a nature enthusiast and love to explore the wild places you are in the right place. 

             Pratik offers guided photography tours to various destinations in India & abroad. It's your opportunity to learn photography from International award-winning photographer Mr. Pratik Pradhan. For the last 15 years, he has traveled the length & breadth of the country and has mastered the creative aspects of nature photography.

             Join Pratik on his next photography adventures and learn about creating some extraordinary photographs through your camera. 

You can check all the available fixed departure photography destinations below. If the dates don't work for you? don't worry. We have you covered. You select your preferred dates, and location of your choice we will meticulously prepare an itinerary for your best wildlife experience.  


Leopard in Bera, Rajasthan.jpg

JAWAI - The leopard rocks photography tour

17th-20th January  2023


Kanha National Park

1st-4th April 2023
14th-17th April 2023

_DSC6671 copy.jpg

Keoladeo National 
Park, Bharatpur

22nd-25th January 2023


Magical Kenya

A Customised tour


"I learned from BBC “Planet Erath” about Fan-Throated Lizard, then knew Pratik from the lizards. When I asked Pratik whether he could make an arrangement for both me and my wife to take pictures of Fan-Throated lizards of running and fighting, his answer was positive. He had not only made a good arrangement for our photo tour, but also make us try variety tastes of India food, culture and so on. He tried his best to make arrangement to satisfy us. Our goals to India could not fulfilled without help from him. This was an extraordinary trip for us, the memory will last the rest of our life."  

Cheng Chang

 Candian wildlife photographer

for bookings or queries:
+91 705774291/ 7666320211

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